Status Report

Will not attend.

Another heavy meeting day, as we started interviews. Some highlights:
* Looked again at Expression Engine templating – need to find out if we really need to import pre-made themes or not.
* Began looking into issues with existing MMG issues – possibly related to serving the swf file straight up, instead of embedding it.
* CMS group started prioritizing items from the brainstorming sessions
* Did I mention interviews?
* Touched footprints ticket on reported MT4.01 Firefox/Mac issues. Still looking for a solid list of open MT bugs – hard to find stuff between MT’s Pronet (which isn’t even open, making it hard to point colleagues to anyway), Community Wiki, Forums, etc.
* Processed IBM
* Got schooled on better RSVP practices, calendar kung-fu, and other ways to avoid bad calendar karma.
* I think I owe holly a pen.
Tomorrow will go smoother.