Observation One

October 7, 2018
52 F
Light Breeze and Clouds

My Phenology observation site is located on the Winooski River in Winooski, Vermont. As a native of Southern Vermont, one of the first things I noticed at this location is how much less wooded the landscape is in the surrounding area as compared to the land near my home. I have never lived in an urban area, so it was interesting for me to use google maps to locate my spot, as it was challenging to find an isolated location (some woods of my own) to observe. To reach the location you park at the CCV in Winooski and walk out a short path to a field. To my surprise, on my first trip out to the spot, I found that there are walking trails out in this area. I did not want my spot to be close to people so I ventured off the trail to a more isolated spot on a bank that looks out on the Winooski River. It is very pretty setting and I am confident that the change I will see in the upcoming months will be beautiful. There are many little green plants and shrubs around the bank. Most of the trees I observed were Sugar Maple and American Beech Trees. The most interesting observation on this visit is that the plants are a vibrant green color as compared to the trees more inland. I am excited to get to know this spot and watch it change throughout the upcoming months.


Looking down river.

Looking up river.

Site Location: