Call for Papers

2018 Conference of the Austrian Studies Association


May 30-June 1, 2018

University of Vermont, Burlington VT


The 2018 Conference of the Austrian Studies Association will focus in Austrian’s rich and complex relationship with the East throughout its history.

Paper proposals that take up the cultural, political, and social exchanges between Austria and the East—Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East and the Far East—are welcome. “Eastern Europe” also includes the crownlands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and all their later incarnations (e.g. both as Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as Yugoslavia and Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia). The conference topic is conceived to elicit submissions reflecting the widest variety of disciplinary as well as multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives.  Papers with interdisciplinary methodology and/or transnational focuses are particularly encouraged. Papers may be given in German or English; the conference will support standard media (audio, DVD, PowerPoint).

Possible Topics

The reception of Austrian art, film, music, theater, architecture, and literature in the East and vice versa

Austrian imagination of Eastern populations

Literary reactions to immigration from the East

Cooperation between Austria and Eastern European countries

Reflections on Austria and World War I

Austrian perspectives on Turkey and the Ottoman Empire; Turkish and Ottoman perspectives on Austria

Austria and the Cold War

Austria and the East in the Post-Cold War

Austria, the EU, and the Osterweiterung

Human trafficking between Austria and the East

Representation of Austria in the works of writers with Eastern backgrounds

Austrian colonization and influence in the Balkans

Interpretations and memory of the Turkish Siege of Vienna

The Soviet occupation of Austria

Austrian perspectives on the Far East

Austrian perspectives on South Asia

Austrian perspectives on Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, and/or Hinduism

Austrian perspectives on the Holy Land

Orientalist discourse in Austrian art, film, literature, and political discourse

Representations of the East in Austrian geographic texts

Austrian interpretations of the Crimean War

Submission Details:

Submit abstracts of ca. 300 words, with a title and a short (200 word) biography suitable for an introduction at the conference to email address:  Submission deadline: December 15, 2017

Individual papers or full panels of 3-4 papers submitted as a block may be proposed; the conference committee may request modifications.

In addition, graduate student submitters should add a note if they would like to apply for travel funds from the ASA.

Presenters are required to be members of the Austrian Studies Association.

To join the Association, subscribe to its journal by going to the ASA website at and clicking the “membership” link in the menu bar, which will take you to the website of the University of Nebraska Press, publisher of JAS.


Conference organizers: Helga Schreckenberger, Department of German and Russian, and Nicole Phelps, Department of History, University of Vermont

Queries about the conference may be sent to

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