2012 Hops Variety Trial Report


We are excited to announce that the variety trial report developed from data collected in 2012 is now available!

It’s long, but there’s a lot of really good information in there, including yield comparisons from the first and second year of harvest, brew values for the 19 publicly available varieties in the UVM Extension research yard, the results from some extensive scouting, and the impact of pests on hops.

In other news, I, Rosalie Madden, your resident hop expert and blogger, am heading East for grad school, and today marks my last day working for UVM.  Someone equally (if not more!) pithy and knowledgeable will be taking over What’s Hoppening and the hops project at UVM Extension, and I encourage you to send hoppy inquires to the What’s Hoppening email address.

Happy Hopping!

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