June Scouting Report

You should be scouting in your hopyard at least once a week by this time of year, keeping an eye out for disease, pests, and any nutrient deficiencies.  As you scout for insects in your hopyard, you are likely to find a thriving community. Many of the insects that you find are not a threat to your yields or to hops quality, but there are a few that are noteworthy.  Last year we saw significant damage from potato leafhoppers, those pale green, wedge-shaped insects.  They blow in from the south every year, arriving around the end of May, beginning of June.  Scott Lewins, our resident entomologist and all around good guy, has been out scouting yards all over Vermont, and he reports that they are not only here, but that they are reproducing.  You should be scouting your yard to see if they are above the threshold level of two leafhoppers per leaf, and if they are, we advise chemical intervention.   For Scott’s full scouting report, please click here.

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