Rhizome bulk order

Hi All,

The Northeast Hop Alliance is organizing a bulk rhizome order.  (You should really join the NeHA…)  The deadline is January 14th.  Prices reflect the current number of orders placed, and does not include shipping and handling, which will depend on order size and supplier. 

Download the .pdf hop rhizome order form.

Download the .doc hop rhizome order form.

If we can order in lots of 1000, the price drops significantly, so tell all your friends.  To expedite the process, email the Word order form to the email at the bottom of the form, or mail the printed copy to the address on the form.  Final price quotes for the combined order will be available on January 23, and invoiced by January 30.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  ORDERS PLACED AFTER JANUARY 14TH WILL NOT BE HONORED.  Please reply ASAP.

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