The UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture has embarked on a partnership with the USDA Northeast Climate Hub to engage, learn from, and share information with organic farmers within the region.  The Climate Hub, which is composed of a variety of government agencies and the land grant universities in the region, works ‘…to develop and deliver the science-based, region-specific information and technologies that farmers, foresters and land managers need now to better respond to and adapt to increasingly unpredictable weather2014-10-17 11.29.28-1 and climate.’ We are excited to be a part of this timely mission, and feel especially well-positioned to provide the connection between the universities, agencies, and the farming community.

We work with many organic producers, which are a critical part of the farming sector in the region, and who utilize unique approaches and production practices.  Through this partnership, the Center for Sustainable Agriculture plans to highlight successful strategies these farmers, and others, are using to adapt to a changing climate.  This will be accomplished through a series of short articles or blog posts over the next year.  We will also be collaborating with others in the region to host guest articles from time to time.  Please respond to or comment on our postings with your thoughts and/or contributions.  We’d love to know what you are thinking, and if you’ve had success with the highlighted adaptations, or others, on your farm.  You may also see us at a number of the region’s organic farming conferences, as we travel around with an exhibit and interact with as many farmers as possible.

Happy reading!

Joshua Faulkner, Suzy Hodgson, and Kimberly Hagen

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