Introduction To My Place


Walking through centennial woods you see large white pines, tall birch trees, and oaks that reach the sky, but if you wander a little further you find a footbridge. Sitting in a small, low lying clearing. If you walk to the middle of the bridge, you can pop a squat in a nice, lightly shaded zone with no overstory trees and lots of ground cover.

This place is defined by its low lying area, the muddy pathway along the footbridge and its lack of big trees.

Already you can see evidence of water running through the flood plain. The ground on either side of the walk has muddy footprints.

White flowers have bloomed on the American aster plants that grow on the upside of the bank.

Some of the taller sensitive ferns have turned brow, while others remain a light green, not yet Turing to yellow and losing their color. 

Birds can be heard in the trees nearby but this low land is only visited by the bees and mosquitoes, and the occasional Woolly bear caterpillar.

The northern white pines that stand just behind the flood plan, stand tall, still full of needles and color.

The wind is dropping some pine needles over the center, creating a change in diet for the microbes and possibly adding acidity to the soil. 

The air is moist, making the forest smell like it had just rained. Adding a freshness to it