INTERNSHIPS: Rural Vermont, Winter 2014

Rural Vermont is currently accepting applications for Winter 2014 Internships! Read the complete intern descriptions here. Please note 10/31/13 application deadline.  For more information on Rural Vermont internships, email

“The outreach internship [with Rural Vermont] was the first job where I was advocating for something I cared about, and it fostered an intense, self-growth that I do not think I could’ve gained elsewhere. After traveling all over the state, I have really increased my sense-of-place in Vermont, and with that increased awareness I think I figured out a lot about myself, my values, and what I care about. Going into the future, I know I want agriculture and education to be two major parts of my life, and without my experience this summer, I can’t say I would’ve found my way to where I am now.”
– Sam Frawley, Summer 2013 Outreach Intern

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