JOB: VINS School Programs Educator, Quechee, VT

TITLE: School Programs Educator

SUMMARY: The School Programs Educator is responsible for helping to deliver all School Programs, including Environmental Learning for the Future (ELF) trainings, Naturalist-in-Residence (NiR) lessons to area schools and the VINS Homeschool Program.  This position also includes delivering live raptor and Vermont natural history programs at the VINSNatureCenter in Quechee, Vermont and through our Outreach program to other sites around the region.

Key elements of this position include: delivering high quality inquiry science lessons to students and their teachers; designing lessons and curriculum to meet the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards; reaching out to area schools to support ongoing partnerships; supporting the School Programs Manager in ongoing evaluation and improvement of program curricula and materials

To apply:

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