GRANT: New England Campus Sustainability Forum Mini-grants, deadline May 31st

The 2013 New England Campus Sustainability Forum is pleased to announce a competition for funding to support student initiatives for campus sustainability. Mini-grants, up to $1000 for each project, are available to student-run organizations at colleges and universities in New England. Student groups at under-resourced institutions (URIs), minority-serving institutions (MSIs), and ACUPCC signatory institutions are strong encouraged to apply!

Possible grant activities include:

  • A project that will promote and/or improve sustainability efforts on campus
  • Guest speakers series on sustainability/climate issues
  • Visit or host workshop with other campuses to replicate and implement successful campus sustainability practices/models
  • Other (propose your own project!)

The eligible projects must:

  • Be proposed by a student-run group at a college or university located in New England
  • Promote or raise awareness on campus sustainability efforts

Proposals must be submitted via by May 31, 2013. For more details, visit

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