JOB: Teaching Assistant for PSS 003, Coffee Ecologies and Livelihoods Fall 2013

I am seeking a Teaching Assistant for Coffee Ecologies and Livelihoods (PSS 003) for Fall 2013. This is a paid job, with a time commitment of approximately 10 hours per week. Being a TA is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and build your teaching, leadership, and organizational skills, which are valuable assets as you apply for jobs or graduate school.
The TA must be reliable, organized, able to work under supervision as well as independently, have a strong academic record and good problem-solving skills.  Previous TA or grading experience is a plus, but not required.
The duties for the position of TA include:

*       Grading short weekly reading quizzes, periodic written reflections,    and entering grades weekly

      *       Monitoring and grading mid-term and final exams, and grading final research papers
      *       Managing Blackboard and other internet teaching tools
*       Attending one weekly meeting with me (Day/time TBD)
*       Responding to student emails in a timely manner
      *       Preparing exam questions
*       Gathering materials for the class
*       Other support work as needed


  • Junior or Senior standing

Please send an email to Katlyn Morris, the course instructor, at, with “TA Application” in the subject heading.  In your message, or in a word or pdf attachment (with your name in the document title), please include:

(1) A page explaining why you want to be a TA and how your strengths, experiences, and skills will make you a good fit for the position.
(2) Email contact information
(3) The name of one UVM faculty person as a reference,
(4) A copy of your resume or a list of relevant work and volunteer experience,

DEADLINE: April 15, 2013

You may also submit hard copies of these materials if you prefer, to my mailbox in Jeffords Plant & Soil Science main office.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


Katlyn Morris, Ph.D.
Instructor of Plant & Soil Science and Environmental Studies
University of Vermont

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