INTERNSHIP: Summer internships with Project Bona Fide, Nicaragua

Summer Internships at Project Bona Fide and Volunteer opportunities:

6-10 week internships working with animals in mature agro-ecosystems sytems, planting/design, agro-forestry practices, post harvest processing and systems integration a la Permaculture systems are now available for the summer of 2013 on the beautiful  island of Ometepe located in SW Nicaragua.

Volunteers opportunities from two weeks or more!!

June 11th to the 25th Permaculture Design Course (food forest and planting intensive)
Full PDC taught by an experienced team of teachers with experience in many climates. The Bona Fide site is an excellent example of the many any aspects of permaculture design from climate specific architecture, food systems, water management and community collaboration. Join us for our 12 PDC in ten years at the site.
Taught by Chris Shanks, Mitch Haddad and Simon Evers plus a cast local characters.

Please contact for more information
or on facebook at : Project Bona Fide

Thank you!!

Chris Shanks

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