BEYOND UVM: Turning Toward a Breaking World–a program, May 14-19, in Massachusetts

Turning Toward a Breaking World
A Program to Hold Our Broken Hearts and Deep Hope for Earth

May 14-19, 2013
Earthlands Retreat Center, Petersham, Massachusetts

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We live in unprecedented and often terrifying times. We gather together to muster our courage and vision to turn towards the aching world. This is the time heralded by myth and indigenous wisdom as the ending of an age and the transition to a still unknown era. We can no longer use our precious energies in resistance, fear, or turning away from what is breaking, and what breaks our hearts. What lays on the other side of our honest broken-heartedness is a resurgence of energy and clear-sightedness, and an awakening to the beautiful tasks we are called to in these times.

In this program, we will gather in council and in ceremony, bringing to the center of our consciousness the current devastations in our world. We will walk on the land in full awareness of the wounds the planet is suffering, endeavoring to listen deeply to the voices of wild nature. We will courageously seek the piercing places where our personal wounding meets the wounding of the world. Some of our practices will be drawn from the well-honed work of Earth elder Joanna Macy. We will call upon the dream world to show us what is hidden in our collective unconscious, gathering in the mornings to share dream images and from there moving out to encounter the holy wild. Together with our ancestors, we will walk with questions, tune our ears to the encouragement and council of the future beings, and enact blessing ceremonies.

We invite you to join us. It is time and past time.

The Guides

Annie Bloom and Jade Sherer first birthed “Turning Toward a Breaking World” two years ago in the American West, as a program for Animas Valley Institute. They are now excited to take this resonant offering out into the wider world.

Annie has been guiding people into the mysteries of our deepest mystical connections with the earth for 20 years, having trained with the School of Lost Borders, worked with Wilderness Reflections, and serving as a senior guide with Animas Valley Institute for 18 years. Annie is an initiator, a soul practitioner, a deep listener who carefully attends to the large story in the everyday stories of our lives, guiding hundreds of people to the intersection where our personal soul resides in the world soul.

Jade is a wilderness guide, teacher, cemetery sexton, body-worker and artist. She supports human transformation through respectful interaction and deep communion with nature, seeing soulful maturation as an essential step in making meaningful and lasting change in the world. Her work is rooted in deep love and respect for Earth and Her creatures, and in the innate understanding that sacred reciprocity with all Beings is an essential step towards our collective and individual re-evolution.

Location: Earthlands Retreat Center, Petersham, Massachusetts. Earthlands is in a rural area, on an expansive tract of open fields, upland forests, and vibrant wetlands. Its mission is personal growth, ecologically sustainable living, and environmental awareness. It is about 1½ hours west of Boston, and 3 ½ hours northeast of New York City. Directions will be included in your information packet after you register.

Cost: $575, including lodging (indoors or camping). Non-refundable deposit of $200 to register registrations due by 30 days before the program. Meal cost not included. Sharing in food preparation will be part of our community practice; more details on meal logistics will be included with your packet.

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For more information and to register, please contact Mollie Matteson,, 802-318-1487.

PO Box 551
Richmond, VT 05477
802-318-1487 (cell)

Willing to experience aloneness,
I discover connection everywhere;
Turning to face my fear,
I meet the warrior who lives within…

~~Jennifer Welwood

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