BEYOND UVM: Wilderness First Responder course in Montpelier

Hosted by the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier, VT

76 hours over 9 day intensive, 9am-5pm April 6-14th; Peter Muckerman, WEMT, of First Lead, Norwood, CO. $865, $250 deposit, class limit: 21 students

Tuition for short courses varies and is listed with each course. Non-degree grants from Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) may be available.

Registration is required for all classes. Please call or email to reserve your space. 802-224-7100,

This course offers a nationally recognized Wilderness First Responder certificate and can be used as a foundation to continue on to Wilderness-EMT training.

The “flagship” training of wilderness medicine, WFR is the “Gold Standard” for the outdoor industry, while also serving as a cornerstone to our community offerings.

Assuming that the “wilderness” includes anywhere that medical care is inadequate or inaccessible, even for a short time, this training is becoming increasingly valuable to individuals living in both rural and urban environments who want to be prepared to take care of themselves and their neighbors when emergencies arise.

This course will train participants to think like a medic, then acquire a practical, principle-driven order of skills for assessment and treatment in emergencies, including developing a working command of the Patient Assessment System, life-saving interventions, wound care, spine assessment, the acute abdomen, kit-building, and much more, using realistic scenarios. The knowledge gained will help participants understand when situations are urgent and outside of the scope of self or peer care and how to intervene to prevent further injury or sustain life.

The course instructor, Peter, notes that while not everyone is likely to need these skills as a responder in the wild, a “wilderness” can manifest in moments from a social disorder, or a political conflict, or an environmental event–just witness New Orleans, a major urban area, after Katrina. That was a wilderness. We need to know how to take care of ourselves and others in need, when the order of society fails. Peter teaches with emphasis on the pairing of the Medic Mind and Medic Heart–coupled with the applied science of emergency medicine, empowering individuals to think and function as a medic does. His mission is to train “everyday people” to be medics when the need arises, to engage emergencies with competence, courage, and confidence anywhere–home, work, or the wilderness.

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