Carpet Care Tips from CMM

Click below for some informative carpet care articles by Amanda Hosey @ Cleaning & Maintenance Management.  The first article discusses how different kinds of carpet fibers affect cleaning.  The second discusses how to handle spots (soils on the outside of fibers) and stains (soils on the inside of fibers) on these different types of carpet fibers.

The Foundation of Better Carpet Care by Amanda Hosey @ Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Identifying Carpet Spots & Stains by Amanda Hosey @ Cleaning & Maintenance Management


UVM Flu Shot Clinic & Wash Your Hands posters

Did you miss the Blue Cross Blue Shield Flu Shot Clinic at Davis Center yesterday?  Don’t worry because you will have one more chance on Wednesday, November 8th from 1pm-8pm @ the Davis Center (click for details and a link to the Biometric Screening signup).

Want another way to avoid the flu?  Wash your hands regularly!  Click on this link for some free, downloadable posters to encourage everyone to wash their hands as well as a few hand washing infographics — such as the percentage men (38%) and women (68%) the World Health Organization says regularly wash their hands.