Marshall Distel: A UVM Reflection

As a student within the Geography Department at the University of Vermont, I have been provided with a unique set of opportunities and experiences that have significantly supported my growth as a student and as a person. As I look back on the four years that I have studied at UVM, I’ve realized that my […]

Cross-currents Abound at UVM Hydro Forum

Universities and colleges provide a unique opportunity to bring diverse perspectives into the public conversation. As the organizers of the Power from the North conference at University of Vermont this past week we were proud to do just that. More than 250 participants convened for a genuine discussion illustrating distinct perspectives, some fundamental tensions, as […]

The Greying of Vermont: A Conversation with Art Woolf, PhD.

Vermont’s aging population, low birth rates and shrinking work-force have drawn the attention of policy-makers and citizens. The changing demographics will have profound impacts on the state’s economic and social structures. UVM Economics Professor Art Woolf has been studying the issue for years, presenting the first warnings in the late 1990s and continuing to explore […]

Jim Douglas: Guest Blog (from The Vermont Way)

[From the 2002 campaign] Jason Gibbs, my communications director, drove me around most of the time in the home stretch. I was lucky to have a stable of twenty-something’s on my team. I don’t know if they kept me young, but they kept me going! Jason navigated in my 2000 Dodge Neon, which became a […]