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Can’t print a full CATS Report from MyUVM?

We’ve heard some reports of people having trouble printing CATS reports from MyUVM.  In a nutshell, the problem is that the  report is around 13 pages long but when printed from MyUVM they only get the first page.

This is because MyUVM uses a website structure called a frameset, which basically means that the single web browser window is broken up into two or more separate windows.  If a part of the screen contains anything longer than one screenful, thenit has to be printed in a special way.

So, how do you tell if you are inside the MyUVM frameset?  Is the MyUVM logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen?  Yes? then you’re in frames.

Printing CATS from MyUVM – Internet Explorer

Log into MyUVM

Bring up the CATS report

Right click in on the CATs report and select “Print Preview” from the pop up menu.

At the top of the Print Preview screen, change “As laid out on screen” to “Only selected frame”

Click the Printer button to print


Printing CATS from MyUVM – Firefox

Log into MyUVM

Bring up the CATS report

Right click in the CATS report area and from the pop up menu select “This Frame” and then “Print Frame”

Set the printer the way you want (e.g. copies, duplex, page range, etc.)

Click Ok


Printing CATS from MyUVM – Safari

Safari is very friendly towards this sort of thing

Log into MyUVM

Bring up the CATS Report

Control click in the report area and select “Print Frame”


Select “Print Largest Frame” from the File menu.

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