MacOS users: 10.7.3 update is out, install at your own risk

If you do not have a Macintosh computer and are running OS X version 10.7, this article does not pertain to you.  Please keep moving folks, nothing more to see here.

Macintosh users with the most recent version of OS X, 10.7, aka “Lion”, there is an updated version of the OS that adds some language support and claims to fix a few outstanding bugs.  Normally we recommend that Mac users install updates as they become available, but not this time.

Apparently there are enough people running into networking, and application crashing, problems that CNet has an article on the subject:

My advice would be to wait for an update to this update before installing.  The fixes described in the release notes for 10.7.3 will not improve the lives of most people anyway, so upgrading is not worth the risk of instability at this time.

The advice that the Cnet article gives for preventing the issues from occurring (which is not guaranteed to work please note) is pretty much what should be standard practice for all MacOS users:  make a backup, fix disk permissions using Disk Utility, download and install the Combo Fix version of the update rather than installing through Software Update.  Especially if you are an “early adopter” who installs everything as soon as it comes out, it’s a good idea to always follow the above routine.

Since we image our Macs with our own image, booting to the Lion restore partition is not an option for you should something go seriously wrong.  Instead you will have to bring the machine to us to be rebuilt.

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