Sharepoint useage tip: Don’t click on the name of a file

A pair of department administrators asked me for help with editing files in Sharepoint. It turns out that they were confused about the difference between clicking on the name of a file and selecting “Edit in Microsoft ” from the drop down menu.
They assumed that the two actions would give you the same results when in fact they do not.
Clicking on the name of a file a Sharepoint library will open that file in read only mode. If you then attempt to save that file, your only choice will be to save it on your local hard drive and then you’ll have to wrestle with Sharepoint to get the file uploaded, delete the original, etc. etc.
If you want to edit a file in Sharepoint, never click on the file name. Instead, just hold your mouse over the file name, which will give you a box with a golden down arrow at the far end. Then select “Edit in Microsoft “. This checks the file out to you so that nobody else can change it, opens the file straight from Sharepoint into the appropriate Microsoft Office application and allows you to simply select Save from the File or Office menu to save your changes. Click on this screen capture to see what I mean:
1) This only works in under Windows
2) This only works under Internet Explorer