Group Meeting Notes: September 20, 2013


  1. Augmented Reality and Aurasma: Audrey Homan and Susan Hennessey -30 minutes
  2. Your app or workflow recommendations: Group  -30 minutes
  3. Next Gathering?  October 18th at 9 a.m.? Agenda-
  • Technical nitty gritty for creating Auras with Aurasma.  How can Augmented Reality and Aurasma be utilized in your classroom? More apps and workflows from the group.

Augmented Reality and Aurasma- A few notes

  • –  Lots of great information and tutorials posted by Audrey here.
  • What does Augment mean?  Augmented Reality allows you to layer content over static images to provide more context.
  • Students and schools are using AR . Its predecessor was QR codes or other barcodes that could be linked to more information. Now AR allows for deeper construction of knowledge about a subject by creating augmented content to add to an image.
  • Great examples from schools linked from the TIIE site above.
  • How could you see this working in your context?- Graduate Research Poster sessions, differentiated instruction for unpacking texts, adding video to two dimensional documents posted in public spaces are some examples


The group worked through some account creation challenges to try some of the examples that Audrey and Susan created.

IMG_0006 IMG_0003

Apps and Workflows

  • Check the Fleming museum offerings for more interactive collections.
  • iClick app– Official supported UVM app for polling, used with iClickers.
  • Socrative for Students– Another polling app frequently used by students in schools to participate in quizzes, formative assessment, and comprehension. I wonder if students create these assessments too? I wonder if Teachers take them too?
  • Socrative for Teachers-Another polling app frequently used by teachers to create quizzes, formative assessment, and comprehension. A helpful video from Richard Byrne:
  • PollEverywhere– A web app for polling that is also used in schools.
  • Thinglink– An app to add content to still images (text, video, audio, and more) where the product can be emailed or posted online. A helpful video from Thinklink:
  • Touchcast– A dynamic app that allows for adding touch interactive Twitter feeds, webpages, and many other “Vapps” to augment a video recording.  A helpful primer from Touchcast:
  • iTransfer– An app with a Secure File Transfer Protocol feature that allows for uploading and downloading files from an iPad to someone’s Zoo server space (each faculty, staff and student has server space to store important files while at UVM).  Tutorial is on its way.

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