Navigating a Networking Event – Four Tips for Success

drawing of people meeting and talkingCongratulations, you are going to a UVM career networking event and that is awesome! It can be scary and awkward at first, but it’s really a bunch of conversations and opportunities to learn about the world of work from UVM’ers who have traveled the path before you.

Here are some tips to help you feel confident and get the most out of the event:

Prepare – Think about how you are going to introduce yourself and prepare your introduction. Write it out and say it out loud. It would evolve but the practice is what counts. Some ideas to include are: class year, major, career interests, campus activities, or reason for coming to the event.

– Check out the list of who is coming to the event. Research alumni on LinkedIn or perform some general Google searches on alumni companies or organizations. This will enrich the conversations.

Craft Questions – Create questions for specific alumni. Make sure they are not questions that can easily be answered online. Also, have some general questions that you can apply to all alumni. For example: What are some skills or qualities that you look for in a new employee? What are the point of entry for entry-level employees at your company?

Follow Up
– This is super important! You have done all the work in having so many networking conversations; don’t miss the opportunity to solidify that connection. Send a thank you email or a LinkedIn request (with a message). If you want to learn more from a particular alum, ask for an informational interview, a short meeting where you can ask more questions and learn more.

Lisa Torchiano,
Senior Career Counselor, Alumni Programs
UVM Career Center

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