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Advice on Personal Branding from a Recent Grad:

If you were to record a 15 second SnapChat video on who you are and why someone should hire you (sans ‘puppy’ filter, please) – what would you say? It’s a modern-day elevator pitch, asking one of the most important questions for today’s young career/adventure seekers, and most of us don’t have an answer.

In my experience as a young professional, in positions from intern to department director, I’ve seen it proven time and time again: you have to develop your personal brand. Employers not only expect it, but they rest a lot of weight on your own ability to ‘sell yourself’. The truth is: if you don’t craft your own story, somebody else will fabricate one for you. People make assumptions – it’s human nature. Far too many job seekers, both new and seasoned, fall into the trap of not proactively and clearly developing their online identity in the job search.

Don’t panic.  Celebrities, companies and PR pros build brands all the time – that’s why you feel so attached to a shoe company, or a person you’ve never met. Take a few extra steps to set yourself apart, leave a memorable impression, and break away from the pack, before you even step through the door.


  • Use LinkedIn! According to the career website Jobvite; 93% of hiring managers search LinkedIn for recruits.
  • Ask a friend with a high quality camera to snap professional shots for your online profile.
  • Endorse people you know for skills and they’re sure to do the same.
  • Show some personality!  Example – record a short video elaborating on what you can offer to a new team.
  • Treat this process with excitement! Your potential employer will feel that positive energy – whether it’s in person, over the phone or online.

More than anything, employers are simply looking for two things: someone they’ll enjoy working with and an employee that cares. If you can assure of them of those two things early on – you’ll be golden.

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