Meet Your Networkers: Mike Deedy

Attending one of our Winter Break Networking Events? Allow us to introduce you to some of our amazing Alumni Networkers who will be in attendance! We asked our alumni to answer a series of questions, and their responses are for you.

Mike Deedy Profile Pic

Mike Deedy, attending the Boston Career Networking Night.
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology major and class of ’12.
Employment and Training Specialist for the New England Aquarium.

  • Tell us about your job and how you got there.

After UVM I worked for a corporate recruiting firm in downtown Boston. I figured I would work at this job for a year, begin to pay back student loans, and figure out “what I wanted to do with my life.” I was not sure how and if I would be able to use my degree, but knew that I wanted to have some connection. One year very quickly became three years, and I knew that I wanted to explore other opportunities. When I saw the opening for my current role at the NEAq, I knew that this would be the perfect chance to continue to grow and develop my HR skill set and background, but also allow me the chance to work in an environment that is very connected to my undergraduate studies. And while I am no longer doing fish dissections, or removing fish otoliths, I still feel very connected to my undergraduate major through the mission of the NEAq and the work that I do every single day.

  • What advice do you have for students starting in their careers?

The following quote resonates with me more than anything else: “Never forget the power and meaning of a hand-written Thank You Note. As someone who conducts countless interviews and reads hundreds of resumes every week, I always appreciate someone writing a Thank You Note; it may be a bit outdated practice with everything being done on technology these days, but this shows me that someone is truly invested in our company and the position they applied for … and it leaves a lasting impact on the interviewer.”

— Adler Chris, Marketing Assistant, Career Center

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