Meet Your Networkers: Maché Chase

Maché Chase Headshot

Attending our Vermont Career Networking Night? Allow us to introduce you to some of our amazing Alumni Networkers who will be in attendance! We asked our alumni to answer a series of questions, and their responses are for you.

Maché Chase, attending the Vermont Career Networking Night.
Psychology major and class of ’14.
TRiO/Student Support Services Coordinator for the University of Vermont.

Tell us about your job and how you got there.

TRiO/SSS is a federal-funded program that aids underrepresented students. As a coordinator, I mentor students, advocate on their behalf, and provide additional support to increase their chances of academic success. Much of my success as an undergrad student was because of the staff/faculty members who took on the role of a mentor to me. I wanted to be in a role that allowed me to build rapport with students individually and help them navigate Higher Ed. UVM is where I started my journey and developed a Social Justice lens, and after my graduate studies, I knew UVM was the community that I would want to begin my career with students in Higher Education.

What advice do you have for students starting in their careers?

Exploration, Mentorship, and Education. Exploration is key to knowing what your passions and interests. Some students may not have the privilege to accept unpaid internships, which was true for me as well, but there are opportunities that offer funding. Find a mentor. Mentors hips can be formal and informal. If you have someone who provides you with information to advance your career trajectory and/or you have a connection with them, seek their advisement. A lot of people are willing to help students find their place in the world. Lastly, knowledge is important. There are always new things to learn. Educating yourself on your passions/interests keeps you engaged. Attend a free conference or speak with a professor/professional in your field of interests. Learning does not stop when you are no longer enrolled in school. Good Luck!


–Adler Chris, Career Center Marketing Assistant

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