Effective Approaches to Your Job Search

You may have heard that looking for a job is a job in itself.  Although it is unlikely that anyone is spending 40 hours a week or more on their job search, there is some truth in this statement.  Looking for gainful employment can be tiring and hard.  However, being proactive in your search can help alleviate some of the stress.

Recently, Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch, took to her blog to highlight some helpful tips from Susanne Goldstein’s new book, “Carry a Paintbrush: How to Be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career”:

  • Brand Yourself- figure out what you want to be known for and seek out employers that fit your desired identity
  • Think Backward- research companies of interest, not jobs; you’ll be more marketable when you can demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the employer
  • Use Your Friends- networking is key; let others know you’re searching and ask for leads
  • Market by Fives- informational interviewing is a great way to learn more about your field and grow your network; talk to 5 people and ask each of them to refer 5 more- you’ll have greatly expanded your network in no time and will probably find job prospects along the way
  • Be Relentless- keep up the stamina; times are tough but a strong will goes far

These are some excellent nuggets to carry with you in the job search as you move forward in your own process.  For more helpful tips, visit the University of Vermont’s Career Services website.

~Ashley Michelle


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