Doing Good, Doing Well

As a college student, I did a lot of volunteering—and when talking with my advisor about the work I was doing in the community, she would ask, “Are you doing good?”

Having had proper grammar drilled into my head, I would respond, “yes, I’m doing well…” and continue telling her about my volunteer work. One day she clarified that what she really wanted to know was, are you Doing Good? Was my work helpful to the community? Was it meaningful? Was I proud of the work I was doing, and confident that my volunteer work was in line with my values?

Our new blog series, Doing Good, Doing Well, is for anyone interested in finding mission-driven work. Finding meaningful work that fits with your values doesn’t have to wait until you are further in your career—and this blog series is about finding that work now! Regularly, we will feature stories of people who put their values to work, tips for finding ‘Good’ job and internship opportunities, helpful links, resources for supporting your wellness by maintaining work/life balance, and inspiration for your career journey. Watch for our first post, about Sargent Shriver, who said,

“It is not what you get out of life that counts. It’s what you give and what is given from the heart.”

—Robert Sargent Shriver (1915-2011)

Thanks for reading and we hope you’re looking forward to this series as much as we are. Each post will include a discussion/reflection question; feel free to respond in the comments! What do you envision your first “real job” after graduation being like? What values would you want to be embodied in your work?


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