A Productive Winter Break

Snowy Trees

Finals are officially over and, if you’re anything like me, you just want to sleep in bed for three days straight. Take those three days (maybe even definitely four or five) to de-stress, eat some home-cooked meals and catch up on sleep. Then, commit to some productive tasks during your time off. The first week should be your time to relax, spend time with your family, see old friends, buy holiday gifts and recharge. After that first week, use the remaining weeks to focus on research, preparation for next semester and your career.

Here are some suggestions for staying engaged, motivated and focused over break:

Attend a Networking Event: If you’re in the Boston, DC or New York City area, these are great events to meet UVM alumni who can help you pursue your career goals or answer questions.

Volunteer: Find an organization in your hometown that needs help over the holidays! Giving back is the best way to stay engaged over the break.

Search for internships/jobs: Seniors! This is your time to research companies and positions that you want to apply for spring semester. Freshman/Sophomores/Juniors! Use this time to search for internships or summer jobs.

Take advantage of your hometown connections: Speak with family members about their careers or interests. If you have a connection to someone in your hometown that has a career of interest to you, reach out to them to have a conversation. Invite them out to lunch or ask to buy them a coffee!

Research: Explore topics that might interest you for research projects or research opportunities. You can even look into faculty that you can speak with once you are back at school.

Update your LinkedIn profile or resume: Spring semester will be the time to apply for summer jobs and internships; make sure you’re prepared so you do not have to stress about job search basics when you get back to school. Visit the Career Center or Career and Experience Hub when you get back to discuss career goals or get your resume reviewed!

Use this break to relax and enjoy time with your family but also remember that you can be productive! Staying inspired and dedicated over break can make Spring semester much more manageable and enjoyable.

–Mehanna Borostyan, Career Peer Mentor

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