Doing Good, Doing Well: The Power of Intention

‘So much to do and so little time to do it!” This could be the slogan for these times with endless deadlines, constant connection, and the relentless question: “so what are you going to do with your degree?” Yes, there are many steps to take in your career action plan.  Experience + career + experience […]

How to Negotiate Your Salary

This past year,, a financial planning website, conducted a survey and created an infographic called, “Wage Wars: How Men & Women Negotiate Salaries.” Through their survey they found that 37% of men and only 26% of women negotiate their starting salary after landing a new position. Not only is there a gender gap, but […]

Savvy Seniors: Start "Relationship Building" Today!

Alumnae Alyson Welch shares her networking experience and advice What role has networking played in your career exploration and job search? Networking has played a huge role in my professional development.  Four years ago, I moved to Madrid, Spain and had no idea what I was going to do.  After a few months, I found […]

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