Welcome to The VT Access for Success Community Blog

As we go through this three-day conference there will be many opportunities to work with assistive technology tools and software applications that are designed to facilitate better access within an established learning environment.

While there will be time during the conference set aside for person to person interactions around these technologies there will also undoubtedly be more questions than time to provide in-depth answers.  Importantly, as a collected body we represent a great many more ideas, experience, and creative solutions than the few of us working at the Tech Tables.

We hope that this blog will provide a space to tap into this collective well of experience by engaging in collaborative problem solving and idea sharing.

Please post any questions, ideas, solutions, or observations, under the appropriate categories (if you are uncertain where to post leave it under the “Uncategorized” section and we will try to find your post a good home).

Feel free to use your real name while posting or to adopt a creative moniker.

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