Phenology Log #2

Date of Visit: October 9, 2019, Time: 1:12pm, Weather: Sunny, kinda warm (14°C)

The place that I have chosen is a small valley like location that connects the Centennial Woods and the housing suburb that is right next to the Centennical Woods. It is an open area that has a slope to it that can almost act as a small watershed for any runoff that comes from the suburb nearby and the Centennial Woods which is very different to the surrounding area. Although the area is right next to a small housing area it is very quiet. Once you go deeper down the open area towards the back, more and more species of trees and small plants can be seen such as small yellow flowers on the floor and you are able to hear different species of birds too (I counted 3 the day I went). The ground, on the day that I went, was covered with leaf litter. As can be seen on the pictures below.

This particular area was particularly interesting with so many fallen branches of trees on the ground creating something resembling a damn or a small wall of branches.
This open area was filled with leaves of different kinds, maples (mostly norway maples) and basswood leaves were most abundant.

During this time, you are still able to see and hear leaves falling down and there is a still a large majority of leaves on trees still. There are also also chipmunks, flies, and butterflies still going around the area.

Here’s a picture of a chipmunk that I came across nearby.
Here are notes I took during my time there.

Until next time!