Centennial Woods Update

Using Wetland, Woodland, Wildland, I believe my phenology site is a Northern Hardwood Forest. There are many deciduous trees like striped maple, boxelder, and ash at my site. I also believed it because there’s a hill and deep slope. Northern Hardwood Forests can have a downslope of soil altered by roads and I saw a few slopes from that. There has not been many phenological changes since my first visit. There is still snow, the trees are bare, and a tree still hovers over the path. I did notice that more trees fell over and were uprooted than I noticed beforehand. I also noticed more animal tracks that were different like dogs, maybe a cat, and one I’m not sure about. I saw tons of deer tracks before and I did not see any this time I visited. With recent precipitation, part of my phenology spot was very icy under the layer of snow. There was a lot of ice on the hill leading into the path.