Further orientations


This week we’re reading the following:

1. Eileen Crist, “On the Poverty of Our Nomenclature. Environmental Humanities 3 (2013), 129-147.

2. Ben Dibley, ” ‘The Shape of Things to Come’: Seven Theses on the Anthropocene and Attachment.” Australian Humanities Review 52 (2012).

And please continue perusing the Anthropocene Project materials and YouTube videos to help us plan future weeks. Talking points on this week’s readings will be posted soon (either in the comments below, or as a separate post). Same goes for the report from this past week’s class meeting.

For those registered in the class: I’ve granted you author privileges to the blog, so you can upload posts yourselves by going to the main blog page and registering as a user (after accepting the invitation you should have received in an email). Alternatively, send things to me and I can post them. For others, if you’d like authorial access, please let me know.



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