Participate in Our Research Studies on Backyard Chickens

Sampling Process (Option 1)

Contact me: with the subject line “backyard chicken sampling”. We will then contact you to arrange an on-farm sampling.

Sampling Process (Option 2)

1. download and fill out this data sheet:

2. Collect a quart size ziploc bag of soiled bedding and label with your name and the date

shipping pad for chicks

Option 3(a) Mail in sample:

Package the sample with the data sheet and send it to us at:

ATTN: Etter Lab Backyard Chicken

Project 109 Carrigan Drive, MLS 230

Burlington, VT 05405

Send us an email ( ) to let us know it’s coming

3(b). Drop off sample:

Email us ( and ask about drop off times on campus. We can arrange a handoff

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