Some Human History

The start of Redstone Quarry begins with sand deposits from the Iapetus ocean that was compressed into the rock we see today. Then humans came along..                                                                                                      It is of no surprise that mining has a long history in Vermont, so much so that this old Redstone Quarry is found almost in the middle of Burlington. This quarry where “Monkton” ( also know as Redstone) was mined had been established and quarried from for over 100 years. The very stone from this quarry was used in construction for many of the older buildings at UVM, including my own dorm. By the 1930’s it wasn’t much of a working quarry anymore and in 1958 University of Vermont bought the 3-acre area. As of now this area is used for research and for geology class taken at UVM.  I imagine the space is also used by the neighbors that are close by as a bit of nature right outside their door. It is also filled with different vegetation and provides different habitats for species, this was not the case before when it was a working quarry.