Drupal Q&A — February 2016

Hello webmasters. We have been getting a lot of questions about Drupal. This is such a great thing and we really appreciate your enthusiasm. This short Q/A is to help answer some of the questions we are currently getting that we can’t possibly respond to in a thoughtful way one at a time over email. […]

Planning for your Drupal site

As a follow-up to our recent post about the Drupal roll-out to the larger campus community, we’d like to share the most recent templates and some documentation so that you can do some planning for your unit’s Drupal website. This will be especially important to those of you who have contacted us because you feel […]

Fall 2015 Drupal update

The work on the Drupal infrastructure and templates continues … here’s a quick update: You already know that the UVM homepage and subsequent main overview pages are in Drupal, but we now have two other major sites under our belts — the Undergraduate Admissions site as well as the Honors College. Here’s our plan for […]