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Periodic Table of Visualization

I am passing this great stuff on from Ross Peterson-Veatch, PhD out of Goshen College.
“A local High School Math teacher (who happens to live on my block),
just sent me this cool link. I thought I’d pass it on. Seems like a
great way to promote exploration of visuals in teaching and
presentation. Doing a “mouseover” on any of the “elem…ents” will
generate a pop-up example of that visualization concept.

Have a look:

The larger web site is about “Visual Literacy” and has some fascinating stuff on it.http://www.visual-literacy.org/ Enjoy!”
I went to both sites and found them VERY useful and a great example of the UDL principle multiple means of representation.See MoreA Periodic Table of Visualization Methods www.visual-literacy.org

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Better Learning by Design – Round 2

Hi everyone,

Just a note to let you know that the initial planning for the 2nd Annual Better Learning by Design Conference is getting underway.  The tentative dates are May 17-18, 2011.  Some of the suggestions and comments from last year’s conference will be incorporated into this year’s schedule.  Start thinking about what you would like to present at this year’s conference as the RFP will be hitting email boxes in the next couple of months.

We are looking forward to more vendors, more presenters, more attendees, more information, more tracks, more fun and a whole lot MORE.

If you missed last year’s conference you are welcome to look at the blog that was created during the conference.  The site address is https://blog.uvm.edu/udl-2010conference.  This blog will give you a flavor for what is to come.  We plan to have basic and advanced track presentations so that the people who participated last year will be able to gain additional insights this year.

Mark your calendar and let’s get excited about UDL.

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