The New Rap Star of Think College

I entered a video contest called Shanken and Stirred. I decided to sing a rap song, because I wasn’t allowed to use copy written music for my video. The video was about having fun without drinking. I came up with a funny rap song and it was a real hoot. This is the rap song I wrote for my video.

Yoooooooooooooo I’m Stirling Peebles I’m a student at uvm.
When the weekend comes I don’t need alcohol cause I’m starting a brand new trend!

When the sun goes down I’m dancing in the streets singing to my favorite beats (wait…the vegetable?)
Racquetball, dancing, playing pool- all these activities are really cool!
I dont need beer so my head stays clear
I don’t need a shot cause my brain might rot (what about jello!?)

On a Friday night I have spaghetti and meatballs and I throw it against my kitchen walls!
This is my life, it sounds really cool, yo
Even without alcohol! And I don’t look like a fool !!!!!!!!

As I sang my rap song I had some of my mentors and the Think College Program Manager dancing behind me. I had a lot of fun rapping in the video and it was really cool.

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