The Orientation Weekend

On Saturday I went to my first college orientation at the Davis Center on the University of Vermont campus.  The Davis center seems very cool and it’s going to be a fun place to hang out on campus.  The Davis center is the biggest building on campus.  The Davis center has the UVM TV station and I hope I spend some time in there.  It also has two food cafes and I hope they have great food in them.  I felt very excited about my first orientation and I also felt nervous.  During the orientation my stomach was doing flip flops.

The orientation was fun and I got to meet my mentors and that was very cool I thought.  I have four mentors on my UVM team and I rally like them.  Some of the mentors and I were talking about how I meet Charles Shaughnessy and other actors over the years.  I had fun talking to my mentors and I got to know them better.  The mentors seem very nice and they seem very cool.

During the orientation many of us went to the basement of the Davis center and we got our “official” student Id’s.  I finally got my picture taken and it’s a good one.  A minute later the guy gives me my official Id.  At that moment I felt awesome and very excited about starting UVM.  I thought it was very cool and very awesome.

As a part of the orientation we talked about safety and how to stay safe on campus.  The UVM campus has a blue light system and when you press it the police come in two minutes.  I thought that was a very interesting face to know.  We also talked about drinking, sexual Harassment and sexual assault.  I gave the basic definition what is sexual assault.  During this part of the conversation we talked about consent. 

After the orientation was done my roommate and I decided to explore the campus a little bit.  The UVM campus is really big and I never knew that until I went to my first orientation.  We walked over to the Royal Tyler Theater because my class is taken place right next to it.  I had fun exploring the campus and I can do it myself this week.  I’m taking a class called Written Expressions and the class should be a lot of fun. I have a feeling this class is not going to be dull or boring at all.  I’m very exited to be taking this class and it’s going to be cool.

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