The First day of UVM

I’m taking a class called written Expressions and it’s a class for freshmen and I hope the class is fun.  I really like my professor and she seems very cool.   The professor went over the syllabus for the class and every student in class read a line out loud to everyone.  I thought that was a fun way to start off the class.  There are only 20 students in Written Expressions and they are all freshmen.  I get my weekly assignments on Blackboard and that is pretty neat.  Most of you are wondering what is “Blackboard”?  This is not the blackboard we knew from school. A Blackboard used on college and universities are web pages.  This is where you take an online class and it goes straight to the professor of the class. 

While in class the professor handed out a student questionnaire and everyone filled it out.  Everyone had to share a few things about themselves to the other students.  I was brave enough to share personal information about myself and I felt good about it.  After class I walked over to the Waterman cafe and it’s a nice place to hang out to have a snack.  This is where we talk about how the class went and we discussed the questionnaire I filled out.  Later in the day I took the campus bus to the Patrick gym because I was taking a yoga class and I thought it was fun.  I thought the instructor was nice and he gave me a compliment on my yoga stance. I did yoga for 45 minutes and that was really cool.  My first day at UVM was great and awesome. This is going to be an interesting adventure and it’s going to be a lot of fun blogging about it.


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