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Greetings to everyone in the VPN/grass-based universe. As you probably know, VT Pasture Network is a group of farmers (VGFA), agricultural service providers (UVM Center), and federal agency folks (NRCS) dedicated to sharing the benefits of and providing technical assistance for grass-based agriculture far and wide. We’ve seen illustrations over and over how managed rotational grazing can improve lives, support farm economies, and provide clean water and healthy soils.

We VPN staff are continually seeking ways to share information between farmer experience, structured research and current events affecting grass-based farming practices. So, we’ve decided to start a blog.

Check us out from time to time for recent pasture walk pictures and themes of interest, general postings about ongoing events, links to news clips as we find out about them, Across the Fence and other streaming video clips…the options are nearly endless.

Come along and join us! Should be a new adventure in each posting.


Jenn & Rachel

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  1. Cool! This will be a great addition to the VPN discussion list. I hope you’ll do lots of virtual farm tours. I rarely get to go to the pasture walks and miss out on them. This is a great way to save gas and spread info.



    Sugar Mtn Farm

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