Here’s a Neat Thing

Here’s a Neat Thing We just received this little gizmo in the mail the other day, and wanted to pass it along. It’s a fence flag to mark electric wire. Just clip the flag onto the electric wire (a red wire piece illustrates it in the picture), and the flag will wave around. You squeeze […]

Sumner Pasture Walk: Manure & Buttercups

I attended a pasture walk coordinated by NOFA-VT at Malcolm Sumner’s dairy farm in West Halifax earlier this week. For those of us who don’t get to southern VT very often, the drive down alone was a treat. Two topics of conversation that came up: buttercups, and manure. Buttercups growing in a field look very […]

New Options for VPN

Greetings to everyone in the VPN/grass-based universe. As you probably know, VT Pasture Network is a group of farmers (VGFA), agricultural service providers (UVM Center), and federal agency folks (NRCS) dedicated to sharing the benefits of and providing technical assistance for grass-based agriculture far and wide. We’ve seen illustrations over and over how managed rotational […]