• I am going into the 1st year of the Graduate Counseling Program at UVM where I hope to be licensed as a School Counselor and move towards licensure as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) as well. I’m both excited and nervous to begin my Master’s level studies but can’t wait to start classes. I am hoping to take a couple (6 Credits) classes this summer, but have to meet up with my advisor, which should happen soon, and talk about how to make this work. The program at UVM offers exactly what I’d like to do both personally and professionally and also opens up a ton of doors for my career. I will be licensed as a school counselor after 48 Credits, and thanks to CACREP, it should be a breeze transferring to other states should I want to move in the future. I am enrolled in the dual-track option which is rather unique at the master’s level–I could only find a few programs in the whole nation that offered this route towards being licensed as both a school counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I think the pay grade to be a CMHC working in the school’s as a counselor is higher, but a CMHC can find themselves working at agencies, for the school systems or doing private practice work (having a sliding scale private practice is my goal). I look forward to writing more in this blog during the semester and leading up to the start of classes, but until thenc I need to set up my email account/figure out my living situation for the fall (craigslist, reslife etc.), and hope that FASFA deems me worthy of some sort of student aid 🙂 Matt
    Posted March 06, 2011.