• The Last Week of School Oh my goodness what a whirlwind of events. People are leaving, studying and hanging out. The exams in my classes weren’t too bad. The hardest exam was my economics one but then again thats not my area of expertise. There is plenty of time to study and too do well. Ironically I got the best grades in my hardest classes. This is a strange dynamic in college academia: your easiest classes maybe your “hardest.” It was hard to motivate myself to study hard for my easier classes, because I felt that I didn’t have to put as much energy into them. I did everything I could to do well in my difficult classes and took every opportunity to earn extra credit or master the material on tests. My grades showed my effort and not necessarily the difficulty of the class. Its also a good thing that I discovered this. Don’t psych yourself out if you have a hard class, they can actually give you the best grade. I thought for sure the my history and economics class would doom me, but those were my highest scores! To keep from stressing I did a lot of jogging and did yoga in my room. Theres a lot of resources to help you through finals week, so use them! Professors are always around to help and the library is the best place to get stuff done.
    Posted December 27, 2010.