Site Map

This past Saturday I took a walk in Centennial Woods and visited my Phenology site. From the first time I visited and to now, I have definitely noticed changes. The leaves have changed colors because the season has transitioned to fall, so there are colorful leaves on trees and on the ground.  I have seen holes in trees that I can assume were from birds or bugs. There were white mushrooms growing on tree stumps, and leaves decomposing on the ground.

Introduction to phenology site

My phenology site is along the stream of fresh water that runs through Centennial Woods. I follow the stream until I see the logs that have fallen across it. I like this area because I feel like there is a wide variety of vegetation and many unique species due to the brook. There are many large pine cones that are on the ground nearby, telling me there are eastern white pine trees in the area. The logs that are fallen across the river are former eastern white pines. There are a lot of bush type species in the banks of the stream. The picture is from my first visit to the spot but the leaves have started to change colors and drop to the forest floor. The water flows through but not at a fast pace, and the rocks look to possibly be shale.