Phenology Site – San Francisco Edition

Back in December when it was dreary and dark seemingly all the time, I told my mom how much I wanted to see green trees again and have the sun feel warm on my skin. We planned a trip to San Francisco for spring break and I excitedly counted the days until I could see […]

Phenology of CW

In my recent visit to my phenology site, the snow was melting due to the warmer temperatures and there was lots of mud forming in the natural valleys and the path running through the woods. Personally, I love mud, so this mad me excited for mud season and the new plants to grow back and […]

Semester 2 first Phenology site visit

It has probably been around two months since I had visited my phenology site. Over the past two months, there have been many changes to my site, mostly due to the winter setting in and the snowpack that has formed on the landscape. The trees have all lost their leaves and are bare except for […]

Human land use of Centennial Woods

From just observations it is clear that Centennial woods is not an old growth forest, most of the trees appear to be adolescents ( mostly maples and white pines). Centennial woods has not always been a part of the University of Vermont, and it has also not always been a forest. The sandy soil found […]

phenology site – Watertown edition’38.9%22N+71%C2%B010’16.6%22W/@42.3608018,-71.1718158,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d42.3608018!4d-71.1712686 42.36080181897125, -71.17126861195005   Watertown is accurately named due to the body of water that creates a border running along our town from Boston to Waltham. The Charles River technically starts in Hopkinton and runs to the Boston harbor where it then deposits into the Atlantic ocean. The Charles has a reputation for being a […]

Event Map

After this past visit to my phenology site, I saw some changes, especially since my first visit to my site. The foliage is not as bright as it was a few weeks ago, most of the leaves are on the ground except for a few beech trees. I went later in the afternoon and forgot about daylight […]

Site Map

This past Saturday I took a walk in Centennial Woods and visited my Phenology site. From the first time I visited and to now, I have definitely noticed changes. The leaves have changed colors because the season has transitioned to fall, so there are colorful leaves on trees and on the ground.  I have seen […]

Introduction to phenology site

My phenology site is along the stream of fresh water that runs through Centennial Woods. I follow the stream until I see the logs that have fallen across it. I like this area because I feel like there is a wide variety of vegetation and many unique species due to the brook. There are many large […]

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