Samu-Cycling in Japan, Circa 1901

illustrate [verb; from the Latin in (upon) + lustrare (illuminate)]: 1) to explain or show, using examples, images, and graphics; 2) to serve as an example of; 3) to create pictures of something.

In this site, the three aspects of this definition are expressed through an eclectic variety of illustrations and illuminations, among them:

  • explanations of bicycle culture and politics, through reports and musings on ongoing anthropological fieldwork and archival research in different locations
  • examples of the role of bicycles in social change, from the late-nineteenth century to the present
  • drawings of these themes rendered through comics, including research-based comics

Grounded in the empiricism of cultural anthropology and history, nurtured by imagination, my goal is to help us see the bicycle with fresh eyes, as a transformative and multidimensional object that melds machine, body, motion, spirit, and social relationship.

Use the menu above to navigate you to the site. You’ll find all kinds of things here: videos of my talks, drawings, bike history comics, musings on and illustrations of the philosophy of bike-shido, short descriptive essays, reflective writings, and other eclectica and curiosities.

Some reasons why bicycles are ‘good to think with.’