Civil Disobediende on College Campuses: Is it justified? If so, when?

When is civil disobedience justified on college campuses?
This questions continues to be asked when reflecting on events like the occupation of Waterman at UVM organized by Nonames for Justice as well as the protests over controversial speakers at Middlebury, UConn, the University of Michigan and Columbia. The Janus Forum Welcomed scholars David Shih and Jonathan Rauch to discuss the topic of Free Speech on College Campuses this past February and this past April members from UVM’s Lawrence Debate Union along with Dr Thomas Streeter and Dr. Winnie Looby participated in a public debate to answer the question of if and when civil disobedience on college campuses is justified. Here is a noteworthy moment from the discussion:

“College campuses are often seen as preparation for real-world activism. Because of this idea, it’s important that we are reflective and responsible with the ways we choose to engage in activism, and that we promote discussions on how to respectfully and effectively address systemic issues”

What are your thoughts?