JOB: Bread and Butter Farm Bakery Assistant

Job Opening: Bread and Butter Farm Bakery Assistant

Background:  Bread and Butter Farm’s Bakery produces traditional German breads, mostly 100% whole-grain from rye, wheat, and spelt.  Our unique line of breads is sold at local natural foods stores including City Market and Healthy Living.  We bake 600 loaves each Friday in our wood-fired masonry oven, built in 2010.  Adam, the head baker trained in California and Germany, and is heavily focused on hearty, moist, long-keeping rye breads. 

Hours:  14-18 per week, all on Thursday and Friday

Requirements:  No prior bread baking experience required!  We are looking for someone who is interested in learning a lot and working hard(and fast), and can be very reliable.  The bakery assistant will work along-side Adam, the head baker.  Tasks will include measuring ingredients, preparing bags for the week, mixing and scaling dough, shaping loaves, cleanup, and possibly some oven management including firing, loading, and unloading.  A minimum commitment of 6 months is required, with a 2-week training/trial period.  The bakery assistant works very closely with Adam, so a good match is important.


Thursday half day (ideally morning, could be early morning to fit around other work commitments) – this is the prep day

Friday:  Full day, starting early(4am or 6am) until early afternoon(noon to 2pm) – this is bake day, fast-paced and exciting

Start Date:

Friday April 5 or Thursday April 11.


Please call Adam on his cell phone at 922.2808 to express interest in this position.  Thanks!

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