WebDAV Navigator

There is more information about WedDAV Navigator available. Since files uploaded with the app are placed directly into your public_html folder on the zoo servers, it is important to create a password protected folder prior to using the app.   Otherwise, anyone can find the file you uploaded with a simple web search.  This is specifically important for files, pictures, or videos that contain confidential material (such as images or videos of children).

I have outlined the process in this little video tutorial (apologies for the verbal stumbles, monotone voice, and other delays.  James Earl Jones was not available for the voice over):  https://www.uvm.edu/~cesstech/podcast_folder/show.php?fn=/wedavnavtutorial.mov

The handout for password protection referenced in the video is located here:  http://www.uvm.edu/~cess/technology/worksheets/PDFS/tfthowto_passwordprotect.pdf

Although this adds an extra step, it is good practice for students, faculty, and staff to maintain the confidentiality of the material we use.

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